Vintage Wood Wall Mirrors

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Vintage wall mirrors or just creepy?

Not sure I would hang all three of these vintage mirrors on one wall as the effect can be a little spooky. It might have something to do with the missing glass. But the detailed carvings on these mirrors are great and make them truly one of a kind mirrors.

Made of solid wood, these vintage mirrors once graced the walls of aristocrats’ homes who probably liked to admire themselves a lot. Hung in rooms with very high ceilings, these mirrors could be seen over the grand fireplace mantel or the large buffet sideboard in the dining room. But today you can still use these mirrors even without the glass. I would hang one mirror over the console in the grand foyer or the fireplace in the living room. Either way you choose, vintage mirrors can add architectural interest to a wall that might otherwise appear stark and lacking in visual design. So next time you want to reflect in the mirror, focus on the vintage wood frame, it will make the room.

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Don’t be scared

They’re just mirrors

Hanging on the wall


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