Vintage Wood Work Desk

You might not recognize this vintage wood work desk or the objects in it. That’s because one is obsolete and the other is on it’s way to extinction. First, three typewriters that are probably unknown to the average millennial. And if they do know what a typewriter is it’s more of a novelty item and they certainly wouldn’t know how to use one. Where did the time go. It seems like only yesterday that we were required to take a typing class in High School. Like cursive writing, typewriters have become a thing of the past. A dinosaur.

Vintage Wood Work Desk

I think that the traditional work desk is the next to go. We still have desks at the workplace. Although they have changed in style over the years becoming smaller and more compact as space becomes a premium. But the desk at home seems to be on the endangered species list. We have our iPhones, iPads and other electronic streaming devices. And they can be used anywhere. Sitting on the couch, the bed, even sitting when mother nature calls. So who needs a desk when I can cook and stream, watch TV and stream and do just about anything and still be connected to work and the outside world. No one really writes anymore so who needs a desk and chair. And no one really reads books anymore. But I might be the last hold out because I still like to work at a desk. It keeps me focused on what I’m doing and away from what the Kardashians aren’t doing.

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vintage wood work desk
Vintage wood work desk



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