Vintage World Globe

Don’t carry the weight of a vintage world globe on your shoulders. Ok, I changed the metaphor a little. It’s really don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. So I think this phrase is an easy one to understand. Don’t take on too much or more than you can handle. Trying to take care of all your problems and everyone else’s problems too. Anyone can see that trying to do it all, by yourself, is an easy road to disaster. But when I thought about it some more I think that it’s really all relative.

Vintage World Globe

At first, I pictured someone juggling a lot of serious problems. Problems that were financial related like paying the mortgage, taxes and providing food on the table for your family. Taking care of someone that is seriously ill, handicapped or that is not self sufficient. Keeping a job, losing a job, staying in school, the list goes on. But it’s all relative. How many times have you thought if you only had my problems, yours are easy. A teenager is overwhelmed by homework, chores at home and fitting into the social scene. A college student that is working at night trying to pay for school credits while doing his or her homework. An adult that has a new job, trying to pay rent and newly married. Or a parent that is trying to juggle work and daycare for their newborn so that they can pay the bills and have a family too. In one way or another we all think we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. And it’s way too heavy. Well, get over it because the weight will always be there. Unless, you want to carry this vintage globe on your shoulders. It’s not heavy at all.

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vintage world globe
Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders



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