Vintage Yarn Spool Pendants

I think Rumpelstiltskin would like these vintage yarn spool pendants. He might be tempted to spin them into gold but my guess is he would like them just as they are. Simple spools of colored yarn have been hard wired to hang from the ceiling and add vintage charm to your space. And if sewing is your passion you’ll want to have these pendants hanging overhead as you stitch, knit and weave.

Vintage Yarn Spool Pendants

A mill operator tells the king that his daughter can spin straw into gold in hopes that the king will marry her and save them from a life of poverty. So the king locks the girl in a tower with a bushel of straw. Knowing that she cannot turn straw into gold the girl begins to cry. A goblin like creature named Rumpelstiltskin appears and in exchange for her small jewels he spins the straw into gold. The king brings more straw, the girl gives more away and Rumpelstiltskin spins more gold. You see where this is going. Finally, there is a room full of straw, no more jewels to trade and the little goblin asks for her first born. The girl agrees, marries the king and a beautiful baby is born. Now things get ugly. The girl, who is now the queen, outwits the goblin, keeps her baby and Rumpelstiltskin meets an untimely death. I never said that fairy tales were nice. Hardly the case from Brothers Grimm. That’s why I think Rumpelstiltskin would leave these vintage pendants alone. A hard lesson to learn.

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vintage yarn spool pendants
Vintage yarn spool pendants



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