Vintge Metal Gym Lockers

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Remember gym class?

You may not want to especially if you had gym class first period. After all, you just got dressed for school and now you have to get changed again. And what did you put all your clothes into? A vintage metal gym locker of course.

Little did we realize that these vintage metal gym lockers would become so coveted. I remember banging the metal door shut on these lockers and sometimes the locker hinge would not close tight so I would bang it again. Who would think that these metal lockers would find their way into our homes. Hopefully they won’t give you nightmares of getting hit in the face with a bombardment ball or being picked last for the basketball team.

But metal lockers can give real industrial style to a space. And just like gym class they can store a lot of things. Use these metal gym lockers as cabinets by the back door to store boots, gloves, hats and jackets or in the bedroom for games, toys and books. So try not to think too much about gym class and get a vintage metal locker for your space. First period is finally over!

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Vintage metal gym lockers

Standing proud

Gym locker number one

That’s the bell!

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