Vintage 1938 Buick Touring Sedan

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Drove by this car today that was sitting on an old farm and it made me think about the definition of vintage; excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal, a classic.

I think this Buick still has it!  The curves and lines just draw your eye to it, there’s a unique style, and a quality that has lasted for 70 years, even out on the farm.  Take a look at the same 1938 Buick 4-door sedan in mint condition, now that’s vintage!

That’s how I like to think of the furniture at, excellent quality with a unique style that will be enjoyed in homes for years to come.

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1938 Buick Touring Sedan

Out on the farm, 1938 buick touring sedan

1938 Buick Touring Sedan

Love the grill work on this classic buick

1938 Buick Touring Sedan

A rear view of this 1938 Buick

1938 Buick Touring Sedan

Another view

What a makeover! Vintage 1938 Buick in mint condition

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