Wicker Basket Chandelier

How to make a wicker basket chandelier, Basket Weaving 101.

If I had only taken basket weaving in college I could probably have made this wicker basket chandelier myself. Well maybe not as it looks like I might have needed Advanced Basket Weaving 203. We all like do it yourself projects but I think this one is better left to the experts. There are wicker chairs, tables and baskets but we don’t often see wicker basket chandeliers. This chandelier is hand woven from cane, more commonly referred to as wicker. Cane is a perennial grass with flexible, woody stalks and is grown in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia. Depending on the strength of the individual canes it can be used to make walking sticks, crutches, assistance canes and in this case, a wicker basket chandelier. Enough of the origin and science behind cane and making wicker. How great does this basket chandelier look hanging in this living space. I like the natural look of cane on this chandelier without adding paint or stain. And because it’s made from natural cane, this chandelier is biodegradable and good for our environment. Use this chandelier any where in the home but it looks particularly good over the kitchen island, table or in the dining room. Dress it up or dress it down and this wicker basket chandelier will rise to the occasion. Wicker never looked so good.

There will be a test in the morning. Class over.

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wicker basket chandelier
Basket Weaving 101
wicker basket chandelier
Can help you make this
wicker basket chandelier
Wicker basket chandelier
wicker basket chandelier
Wicker never looked so good