Wine Barrel Chandeliers

Roll out the red carpet for these wine barrel chandeliers. On second thought, roll out the red carpet and bring the entire collection of wine barrel chandeliers because this is going to be one special party.

It’s not the Academy Awards, or the Emmys and there are no celebrities walking the red carpet but we have something even better. Walk under this collection of wine barrel chandeliers and you might just feel like your attending a special event. Hung high above the carpet like soldiers in perfect unison, these chandeliers seem to have a mind of their own. And they create a sense that you are walking into something that deserves very special attention. What’s inside becomes secondary as you’ll want to take your time to admire the construction of these regal chandeliers. Made from vintage wine barrels, each chandelier is carefully made by hand and held together with an industrial strength iron band that holds six or eight lit candles. We don’t always recommend buying this many chandeliers to make a style statement. But in fact, these wine barrel chandeliers look just as good hanging inside as they do outside. Hang one large chandelier in a grand two story foyer or hang two smaller chandeliers over a long dining room table. You can dress these chandeliers up in a formal dining room or dress them down in a casual kitchen. You can even enjoy a wine barrel chandelier in the master bath or in an enclosed back porch. Either way, these chandeliers will add vintage charm and style to your space. And they also go good with a nice glass of wine. Enjoy.

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wine barrel chandeliers
Walk the red carpet
wine barrel chandeliers
Under these wine barrel chandeliers
wine barrel chandeliers
And feel like a celebrity