Wood and Granite Stone Kitchen Island

Break bread over this wood and granite stone kitchen island.

Better yet make bread with the help of this industrial kitchen island. Roll out the dough for your french bread on the granite stone top of this industrial built kitchen island. At just the right size, this three foot wide island will fit in just about any standard size kitchen. Made with solid wood pine with two drawers and baskets on each side, this kitchen island even has a metal bar to hang your dish towels. Keep your cooking utensils in the wood drawers, vegetables in the wood baskets and your large size cooking bowls on the shelf below. Slice and dice your vegetables on the granite stone top or in this case, roll out your dough for bread or pizza. Whatever you decide to cook for dinner, this kitchen island will be right there to help out. And when the prep work is done, this granite stone top will make clean up easy. So add some industrial style to your space with this wood and stone kitchen island.

I can smell the bread baking now.

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Get ready to bake some bread

With this industrial kitchen island

Fully equipped with plenty of storage

And a granite stone top

Get baking!

Click HERE to view Wood and Stone Kitchen Island at HudsonGoods.com.