Wood and Marble Kitchen Island

Left over Halloween candy on a wood and marble kitchen island. Stop eating the extra candy and display it on your wood and marble kitchen island instead.

We are all guilty of buying too much Halloween candy. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re afraid of running out of candy because it canbe hard to predict how many trick or treaters will come to your door. Or if we just want to make sure that there is some candy left over for ourselves. Maybe it’s a little of both. But I do know that colorful Halloween candy can make a great design accent if it’s displayed on a large wood and marble kitchen island like this one. Kitchen islands can be great for preparing food and cooking meals. They are also perfect for entertaining family and friends on special occasions. But it doesn’t always have to be about function. Sometimes we can use our furniture, including this wood and marble kitchen island, just for form. The kitchen island is already the center of attention. It’s usually the first thing you notice when walking into a kitchen. So why not use it sometimes just to make a design statement. In fact, design can also be fun as illustrated by this wood and marble kitchen island filled with the festive orange candies of Halloween. Glass jars and metal canisters filled with yellow jelly beans and candy corn make this kitchen island a real stand out. And if you want to keep any of that candy for yourself, you will probably have to fight off anyone that walks into the room. Trick or treat.

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wood and marble kitchen island
Don’t eat that candy
wood and marble kitchen island
Display it instead
wood and marble kitchen island
In this wood and marble kitchen island
wood and marble kitchen island
Trick or treat