Wood and Stone Coffee Table

If you always wanted to visit Central America this wood coffee table is the next best thing.

The industrial strength base of this coffee table is constructed with wood harvested from the tropical forests of  Nicaragua. And the stones that are affixed to the wood top by hand were collected from the Nicaraguan coastline. Add some clear glass and put them all together to create one unique coffee table.

The Cedro Macho wood used to build this coffee table is a hard wood with a natural white wash finish so this table is easy to match with most furnishings in your home. And the grey stones that have worn naturally smooth from years of wear from the coastal tides make this table a show stopper. This table is cool just to look at but it functions well as a coffee table too. Use it in front of the sofa and guests can set their drinks down without missing a beat while admiring the stones below. Perfect for entertaining, this wood coffee table is available in two sizes, narrow and wide for both large and smaller spaces. So if you can’t find the time to travel to Nicaragua, get the next best thing with this natural wood and stone coffee table.

Now how good are you at skipping stones. We’ve got plenty.

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Visit Nicaragua

Or just say you did

With this coffee table

Made with Nicaraguan wood and stones

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