Wood Angel Wing Sculpture

You’ve earned your wings so be proud and display this wood angel wing sculpture in your home. Hand crafted in solid wood with attention to detail this wing would make any angel happy. It can make you happy too. Display this angel’s wing in your home and it might just be your guardian angel.

Wood Angel Wing Sculpture

It is believed that God gave angels wings to show how magnificent they were and to give them the ability to travel from one dimension to another. From heaven to earth and back again. The wings are also a symbol of God’s power and his loving care for people. But pop culture would have us believe another story. That angels must earn their wings by successfully completing certain missions for us earthly humans. This is illustrated best in the classic movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ In the movie a second class angel named Clarence earns his wings only after helping Jimmy Stewart want to live again. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of earning your wings in the Bible. Instead, angels appear to receive their wings purely as a gift from God. 

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