Wood Bell Shaped Chandelier

If you like this wood bell shaped chandelier as much as I do click HERE to see more in two larger sizes. Some might think this chandelier resembles a bell. Or some think it looks like a hat. But it was inspired by a vintage wood frame that once sat as a roof on top of an old victorian home. The roof was carefully removed and reproduced in solid wood to create a unique chandelier that is available in three different sizes. This one being the smallest.

Wood Bell Shaped Chandelier

There are many different roof shapes and they vary greatly from region to region. The main factors that influence the shape of a roof are the climate of the region and the materials that are available to build. There are so many roof shapes from flat to steeply pitched. There are dutch gable roofs, saltbox, hipped, mansard and A-frame roofs just to name a few. But I like this vintage bell shaped roof the best. This style of roof was most common in the United States during the Victorian era. These homes were ornate with wood lattice work and the bell shaped roof added to the detailed elegance of the period. The bell shaped roof was created much earlier by the famous French architect Philibert de L’Orme. Back in the 1500’s he was architect to Francis I of France and Henry II. Unfortunately, much of his work has disappeared but his French influence with Italian tendencies was continued by others in later years. Now I’m not saying that this wood bell shaped chandelier came from the original Chateau Neuf but no one is stopping you from saying that. Just don’t scream it from the roof tops.

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wood bell shaped chandelier
Wood bell shaped chandelier



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