Wood Carved Men Sculptures

Two wood carved men sculptures sitting on wicker chairs. At first glance I would say yes. Made completely of solid wood and carved by hand these sculptures are a work of art. Sitting together on two chairs they proudly display the handy work of their artist. They show the beauty of wood sanded to expose the natural variations of the color and grain of the wood. They might look a little creepy to some but I can definitely appreciate the workmanship.

Wood Carved Men Sculptures

On second glance I had a different perspective. Two men sitting motionless and expressionless. Eyes closed. Mouths closed. The position of their bodies doesn’t tell us much about them as people. Or should I say wood sculptures. Could this be the result of an electronic society. Where young children grow up where their best friend is an electronic device. Rather than waking up and running to their best friend’s house to play outside, they reach for the iPhone, iPad or other gaming device. Typing, texting and whatever else it takes to converse with family, friends and most often strangers. Liking an unknown Instagram photo or posting on Facebook. And after several likes and posting they actually think they know these people. When it comes to interacting with a real person they sit like two wood carved sculptures. I dare say dummies. No talking, no expression and basically no interest in the person sitting next to them. Hand these two wood men a cell phone and maybe they will come to life. That’s a story for another day.

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wood carved men sculptures
Don’t just sit there



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