Wood Cathedral Wall Mirrors

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House of Mirrors.

I remember going to the local fair and walking into the House of Mirrors. Always a main attraction, the maze of mirrors on the walls would distort your reflection and also your perception on how to get out of there.

This fun amusement was first inspired from the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. A Frenchman, Peter Stuyvesant, once visited the Palace and was so amazed by the Hall of Mirrors that he went back to his hometown of New Amsterdam and created his own House of Mirrors and charged one Dutch gulden for admission.

I’m not suggesting that you create your own house of mirrors in your home. But you can create a focal point and make your small room appear larger by hanging a row of mirrors on one wall. Made from solid oak wood with a natural finish, these cathedral shaped mirrors can easily cover a wall and make a great design statement.

So next time you shop for a wall mirror get inspired and make your own Hall of Mirrors.

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Hall of Mirrors

Or just wood cathedral mirrors

Get inspired

And create your own illusion

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