Wood Crate Factory Lights

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A wood crate light?

You bet. Take an old wood crate and repurpose it into a one of a kind light. Reclaimed wood on a metal frame can make for one cool chandelier.

Rethink those old wood crates that you have in the garage for storage and bring them into the home for an all new purpose. Great for hanging over the kitchen table or in the dining room, this wood light will look great in any space.

It’s also going green. Bringing new life to old wood crates or any item in your home can help our environment and can help shed new light. So look around and before you toss those old wood crates, go green and think what you can do to bring new life. If going green looks this good I’m all for it. Got wood? Go green!

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Wood crate factory light

It’s big

Big wood

Big light

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