Wood Frame Rectangle Chandelier

Wood frame chandelier or the bridge over the River Kwai.

A novel written by Pierre Boulle in 1952, The Bridge over the River Kwai was a fictional story about the plight of World War II British prisoners of war that were forced to build a bridge by the Imperial Japanese Army. The novel was later adapted to film and won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1957. The movie was filmed in Sri Lanka and a bridge was built for the film that reminds me of this wood frame chandelier.

Just like the bridge in the film, this chandelier is made solely from solid wood and the architectural structure is such that it supports itself. We don’t recommend using this chandelier to cross any rivers or waterways but it sure looks good suspended over a kitchen or dining room table. It would look even better over the work desk in the home office. Available in three different sizes, this rectangular shaped chandelier works well over different size rectangle tables or desks and will add vintage industrial style to your space. This wood chandelier also compliments minimalist and contemporary spaces. Use it any where in your home but please remember to keep this chandelier away from water.

Spoiler alert. The movie ends with the British soldiers blowing up the bridge that they worked so hard to build.

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The Bridge over the River Kwai

Or wood frame chandeliers

Built just as strong

Using solid teak wood

Making this chandelier water resistant too

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