Wood Frame Wall Art

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure rings true with this one of a kind wood frame wall art. At first glance you might think this is just a block of cement hanging on the wall. Or some artist’s version of abstract art. But this wall art couldn’t be more real. In fact, it never started out as art. Instead, it all began in a vintage European work shop.

Wood Frame Wall Art

That’s right, it all began in a work shop filled with saw blade workers and their tools. I’m still not sure where this art originated. But let me say that there was a lot of stone being cut into cobblestones. The type of cobblestones that were used to build streets and buildings before we had asphalt highways, cement sidewalks and cinder block office buildings. Do I still have you guessing. Well, the stone that is cut into brick size cobblestone had to be cut on something. And these boards served that purpose. Large chunks of stone were placed on these boards and the saw blades went to work. To ensure a clean cut the blade naturally went through the stone and had to land somewhere. And that place was this cement board. The boards were used over and over and the end result were lines and indentations that some people might consider junk. But others see them as art, or more importantly, art with a story and they hang them proudly for display on the wall. Some boards are the same size while others are different but no two boards are the same. And maybe that’s what makes them art. So hang these cobblestone boards on the wall because they’re working days are over.

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wood frame wall art
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure



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