Wood Headboard Madness

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How’s this for a headboard.  Cut from the root base of the Molave tree, this is one of the hardest woods grown in the Philippines.  This tree can grow up to 120 feet high with a limb span of 50 feet.  Known for it’s durability, this wood is often used to make furniture and other wood household products.

Originally designed for use as a room screen in some lofty space, it’s been repurposed here as a headboard for the bedroom.  So relax on your California King size mattress and watch a good movie.  How about Little Shop of Horrors?

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wood queen bed headboard

Large Molave wood headboard

wood queen bed headboard

Wood headboard.  Cool or creepy?

wood queen bed headboard

Make sure you’re lying down!

wood queen bed headboard

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