Wood Oak Cathedral Wall Mirrors

Create your own work at home office with these wood oak cathedral wall mirrors.

In recent years, working from home at least one day a week has become common practice. So why not make it comfortable and designer friendly. You don’t need an entire room to create a work from home office. Like this space, working from home can be inviting using just a corner of a room. First, hang these cathedral style mirrors on one wall. Made from solid oak wood with windowpane construction, these wall mirrors give the illusion of a much larger space while adding the look of windows to the outside. Add a comfortable leather club chair for those much needed work breaks with a bookcase for folders and supplies and of course the work desk takes center stage. Finally, hang an industrial glass pendant in front of the wood mirrors and the light in your office will automatically double. So with a little imagination and the right furniture you can enjoy all the comforts of home while you work.

No napping… get back to work.

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Create your own home office

With a comfortable chair

Wood oak cathedral wall mirrors

An industrial glass pendant

And don’t forget the desk!

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