Wood Oak Crystal Chandelier

Forget the glass crystals when you can have a wood crystal chandelier.

These wood crystals may not sparkle like glass but this chandelier sure looks just as good. If you can’t get enough wood, this is the chandelier for you. Wood chairs, wood tables, wood furniture and now a wood chandelier. Made with a black iron frame that is decked out in wood oak that’s cut in the shape of glass crystals, your family and guests will do a double take when they see this chandelier. Design your home with the unexpected. Why hang a traditional glass crystal chandelier when you can stand out from your neighbors with a unique wood crystal chandelier. The perfect complement to a wood dining table, this chandelier can hang in the kitchen or even the bedroom. If you like the beauty of wood but don’t want to sacrifice a touch of elegance to your space, hang crystals but make them wood crystals.

And you can forget the Windex too.

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Forget the glass crystals

And go with wood cut crystals

On this chandelier

And lose the Windex

Click HERE to view Wood Crystal Chandelier at HudsonGoods.com.