Wood Oak Dining Table

How to make a wood oak dining table, Wood Shop 101.

Give me a saw, some screws and a miter box and I think I could make this wood oak dining table. On second thought, maybe not so fast. This table is made of solid oak that is a thick, heavy wood. It also has a heavy distressed finish that looks natural just like real reclaimed wood. I’m not sure where I would find wood oak this size as this dining table measures 8 feet in length and weighs about 200 pounds. Unfortunately, Wood Shop never taught us how to make a piece of furniture this large. We made some wood coat racks, a wood bench and even a wood sign that said Home Sweet Home. But we never made a full fledged dining table from solid wood oak. I might need a little help from some of my classmates. First, we take a trip to the lumber yard where we should find some oak wood. We’ll also pick up some heavy chains and a saw to rough up the surface for that natural distressed finish. And before cutting the wood, it’s important to check the plug, blade and other equipment for safety. Let’s measure the wood carefully and get our miter box out. Stop. Did you really think we were going to build this table. I’m may be good but I’m not that good. I never even took Wood Shop in high school. Why don’t we purchase this wood oak dining table and use it in the kitchen for everyday meals or in the formal dining room for special occasions. Either way, this dining table will look great. I like this way a lot better.

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wood oak dining table
How to make a wood oak dining table
wood oak dining table
Give me a saw
wood oak dining table
Some screws
wood oak dining table
And a miter box