Wood Pedestal Dining Room Table

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No pets on the dining room table.

Well maybe we can make an exception just this one time. Dining room tables always look more appealing when they have something on them. When your dining table is not filled with breakfast, lunch or dinner, fill it with your favorite collectables. Candle lit tables can be very alluring but when dinner is not being served use your dining table to display your favorite things.

Made from solid wood with a white lacquer top, this dining room table is perfect for showcasing your favorite finds. Fill the table with vintage bottles, vases filled with flowers or in this case, your favorite stuffed animal. And surround the table with plenty of chairs to make it more inviting to friends and family.

So next time your pet wants to join the family for dinner, maybe you can make an exception. Just this one time.

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No pets on the table

Wood carved pedestal base

With a white lacquer top

To display your bottles

And your favorite pet

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