Wood Pedestal Dining Table

Go ahead and spill it on this wood pedestal dining table.

Spill a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a glass of milk on this dining room table. But no worries it all wipes clean on this lacquer and wood dining table.

Made from solid elm wood, this round pedestal table is the perfect size table for the kitchen or dining room. Dress it up or down and this dining table will look great in either room. The wood top is covered in a heavy lacquer finish that makes clean up easy. Use a simple paper towel and spills wipe clean in seconds with no spotting or staining. Lacquer is similar to varnish or shellac that beads up liquids and protects the finish below. So don’t be afraid to go white with this wood and lacquer dining table. Just spill it.

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Go ahead and spill it

Wine or coffee

Will wipe away clean

On this lacquer dining table

Get lacquered!

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