Wood Pendant Lights

No dining tables were injured in the making of these wood pendant lights. The table was gently turned upside down and the wood legs were slowly unscrewed for removal. There are no tables in these photographs as they decided not to be pictured without their legs. The table tops are all resting comfortably in a nearby storage facility and are receiving the best of care. There is plenty of light and the tables are neatly packed in warm blankets. They are not in harms way.

But where would a dining table be without a pendant light hanging above it. No offense to all of the great wood dining tables out there but more often than not, the light makes the table and not the other way around. So what better way to marry the two, a dining table and a wood pendant light, than to actually use one to make the other. Hang multiple wood table legs at varying heights and both the table and the pendants will be the center of attention. It could be argued that the pendant lights need the table making the table more important. But we like to think that both need each other. That’s what makes relationships work. Is this a do it yourself project. Maybe. Remove the screw, drill a hole through the wood leg and add a light kit with a wire. All sounds good if the table lets you do it. Good luck with that.

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wood pendant lights
No tables were injured
wood pendant lights
In the making of these
wood pendant lights
Wood pendant lights
wood pendant lights
The table tops are resting comfortably