Wood Pendant Lights

The tables have turned with these wood pendant lights.

This might be taking a popular idiom to the extreme, but it sure makes for cool pendant lighting. The roles have definitely been reversed for these wood table legs and light bulbs. Made from solid oak wood, these table legs were ready to stand on the floor and serve their duty in the kitchen or dining room. But someone hard wired them, screwed in a light bulb and transformed them into pendant lights. It just goes to show what a little imagination can do. Hang these wood pendants in a cluster at varying heights or in a circle in the foyer, dining room or even the man cave. They will add architectural interest to your space as well as a little whimsy. One thing you can count on is that your next door neighbor won’t have these pendants. They might be missing a few legs from their kitchen table but that’s a story for another day.

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The tables have turned

And these wood table legs

Have been transformed into pendant lights

Hold onto your tables!

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