Wood Porch Rockers and Industrial Chair

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Sit down and stay awhile. Or should I say rock awhile.

Years ago, before the advent of television, people sat outside on their front porch. And their favorite seating was the wood porch rocker. Friends and family gathered together and rocked the nights away on what today we consider vintage wood rocking chairs. But when television made an appearance, everyone moved from the porch to inside to watch their favorite TV show. Conversation among friends took a back seat to watching television and the rest is history.

These vintage wood rockers have been reinvented to a more industrial style. The old wood slats have been removed and replaced with industrial strength canvas making these wood chairs a bit more comfortable. So as people rediscover the benefits of having a front porch, they’ve reinvented the wood porch rocker. I would put these wood rocking chairs on my front porch any day and enjoy waving to my friends and neighbors. Hey, is that Mr. Jones driving a brand new car!

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Vintage wood rocking chairs

Hanging out together

With industrial canvas

On the back

And seat

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