Wood Red Metal Frame Chairs

I want to be patriotic and say that these wood red metal frame chairs come in red, white and blue. But unfortunately, we missed out on the blue and they only come in red, white and black. It might have been a wise design choice to go with black because you don’t see many blue chairs. But I do miss the blue. The chair featured here is red metal, one of my favorite colors. It’s warm, bright and you just can’t miss it.

Wood Red Metal Frame Chairs

Made from reclaimed wood palettes, this chair is strong and solid. If you’ve ever had a large delivery and tried to break down the wood palette it came on you’ll understand the strength of these chairs. Those palettes are almost indestructible and so are these chairs. I once gave up on breaking down a wood palette. The thick wood and heavy nails were just too much. Instead I threw it in the truck and brought it to the recycle center. But I would never do that to one of these chairs. Use the red chair in a child’s playroom, the black chair in the man cave and the white chair in the kitchen. Any way you use them these wood and metal frame chairs will handle more than anyone can dish out. In fact, these chairs work well in a commercial space. Use them in a delicatessen, a small cafe or even the Bagel Boy. I hear they have great bagels. Now let’s paint that chair blue.

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wood and metal frame chairs
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