Wood Table Leg Pendant Lights

The tables have turned with these wood table leg pendant lights.

That’s right, turn your tables upside down and transform the wood legs into pendant lights. Stranger things have happened with vintage industrial design. Break away from traditional lighting and make your space one of a kind that family and friends will remember. Why settle for ordinary lighting that everyone else has when you can express your own unique personality through your interior design style. It doesn’t take much to turn an everyday household item into pendant lighting. Light kits are not expensive and with a few simple tools you can drill a hole into just about anything. These pendants were easily transformed by drilling a hole through the wood and wiring it with a vintage light bulb. This doesn’t mean you have to cut the legs off the dining room table because you still need a place to entertain guests. Look around the home and you’ll be surprised at what you can find. Wire baskets, mason jars or even vintage top hats can be made into pendant lights that will decorate your home like no other. And don’t settle for just one pendant, group several together to create a unique lighting display over the table or kitchen island. These wood pendants were hung in front of a mirror to add drama but they also double the amount of light in the space. So get creative with your lighting because it can make the room.

Now break a leg.

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wood table leg pendant lights
Turn the tables
wood table leg pendant lights
And these wood legs
wood table leg pendant lights
Are hanging from the ceiling