Wood Table Leg Pendants

Turn the tables on your friends with these wood table leg pendants. Hang these pendants before your next dinner party and your friends might start scratching their heads not knowing whether to sit down or stand up. To turn the tables on someone is a metaphor which means to reverse one’s position relative to someone else. It generally turns your position of disadvantage to one of advantage. You can understand why it would be used as a motivational speech to the losing team at halftime. But oddly enough the phrase originated from board games.

Wood Table Leg Pendants

Board games that are played on a board with dice are often referred to as table games. If the game wasn’t going in your favor you would have to turn the game, or tables, if you wanted to win. Of course you can’t actually turn the tables but the phrase is a substitute for the idea of a comeback. You would have to reverse the board player’s current position to change the outcome. But there is another story related to the phrase turning the tables that I like even better. It originated back in the day from those that liked to host the more traditional style dinner parties. And it goes like this. To prevent any guest from being excluded from conversation, the host would choose a direction, usually the right, and speak with the person on their right side. Everyone else would have to follow suit until the host turned the tables halfway through the meal. At that point, everyone would then switch their conversation to the person on their left side. Not sure how this worked out but I hope there was enough time to enjoy the meal.

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wood table leg pendants
Turn the tables



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