Wood Trestle Dining Table

Forget the formal dining room and get a wood trestle dining table.

What is the point of a formal dining room when we’re just serving our family and friends. It’s not like the king and queen are coming to visit and break bread with us. That’s why I really like this wood trestle dining table. This over sized table is made of solid wood. It’s not a wood veneer finish top with a super high gloss finish that clouds up when you put a cold beer on it. The days of formality are over and it’s time to relax. We should enjoy eating in our own homes without place mats, coasters and tablecloths. I’ll keep some civility with the napkins, paper not cloth, but there’s no need for anything else with this trestle table. Go ahead and spill your wine or water on this table because it will only enhance the natural beauty of the wood. What fun is it anyway if guests are preoccupied with dropping their food or spilling a drink or two. Homes are meant for living and that’s just what this table is made for. Use this wood trestle dining table in the kitchen or dining room because it can be dressed up or down. This table is big, sturdy and can take a stain or two. Let’s drop the formal from dining room and just eat in it.

I’ll have seconds please.

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wood trestle dining table
Drop the formal
wood trestle dining table
From Dining Room
wood trestle dining table
And relax
wood trestle dining table
With a wood trestle dining table
wood trestle dining table
Go ahead and spill it