Wood Trestle Dining Table

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What is a trestle?

A rigid support frame that is comprised of two or three wood supports that are linked together with a longitudinal cross beam.

So much for an introduction to Trestle 101. Now for the fun part.

This trestle dining table is made of solid pine wood and just over eight feet long. The construction of a trestle table eliminates the need for legs on the corners allowing for more seating on each side. So this dining table is ready to party with plenty of friends and family on holidays and those special occasions. This table works great in the kitchen for a casual brunch or in the dining room for a formal dinner party. Either way, this wood trestle dining table will add vintage style to your space.

Now what was a trestle again?

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Over sized dining table

That can fit the whole family

Made from solid pine wood

With trestle construction

Pull up a bench and sit awhile

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