Wood and Metal Console Table

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If you’ve always wanted to travel to India here’s the next best thing.

A vintage jali console table.

Jali is a term used for ornamental latticed screens that are built using calligraphy and geometric patterns. This form of architectural design is found mostly in Indian architecture. Inspired by vintage Indian design, this console table was made to bring historical Indian architecture into your home. Heavy latticed screens made from industrial strength metal have been repurposed to create this console. Add some natural wood shelving and you have a one of a kind vintage jali console table.

Mix and match this console table in a contemporary or vintage space. Use it for storage or to display your collectibles. Either way, this console table is built industrial strong and can certainly hold more than it’s weight. The distressed white and natural rust finish adds to the vintage appeal and makes it hard to tell if  this console table is new or the real deal.

So if you don’t have the time for an extended trip to India, shop for a vintage jali console table to enjoy in the comfort of your own air conditioned home.

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The next best thing to going to India

A jali console table

Made with metal lattice screens

And hard wood

Get jali

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