Glass Wine Bottle Lights

It’s raining glass wine bottle lights in this living room. If rain looks this good forget using an umbrella. Let’s get wet. I like a single pendant light hanging over the kitchen sink or above a side table. But there are no rules when it comes to hanging lights. Break tradition and hang one, two, three or more pendants in any room of your home. The more lights you hang the more drama you create. Of course they should all be the same pendant light like in this space. Just different sizes. Create even more impact in the kitchen, dining room or entrance foyer of your home with a large grouping of similar lights.

Glass Wine Bottle Lights

Inspired by vintage demijohns from the early part of the century, these pendants no longer holds wine. Instead they prefer to hold a single lightbulb. Hang a cluster of pendant lights over the kitchen island but don’t hang them in a straight line. Instead hang six glass pendants in a group at different heights. Hang them over the dining room table or hang them in the grand two story foyer. Either way, these lights will create a one of a kind lighting display in your home. For added drama use a vintage Edison bulb to cast a warm glow of light in the room. Rain in the forecast, no problem. Let it rain all day with these bottle pendants.

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