Industrial Iron Dining Table

To rust or not to rust is no longer a question with this industrial iron dining table.

Because this dining table already has a professional rust finish. That’s right, to quote a famous pop star, this table was born that way. For years we have fought against the natural process of oxidation, or more commonly referred to as rusting, with popular name brands like Rustoleum. But it’s time to throw those rust proof cans away and embrace the industrial revolution. This dining table is made of solid iron and if let out in the rain long enough would show signs of rusting. But we’ve saved you the time and added a professional rust like finish that adds industrial style to this table. Use this table in the kitchen, dining room or even as a desk in the office. Pull up one chair to work or six chairs for the whole family. Either way this dining table will bring vintage industrial style to your space.

Question answered.

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