Vintage Industrial Glass Pendants

October 29th, 2014

Watch out it’s raining vintage industrial glass pendants.

Hang these glass sphere pendants in a cluster at varying lengths and create your own waterfall of lights. Made from hand blown glass with industrial strength metal hardware, these vintage pendants can make a grand entrance. Cluster these lights in a towering foyer or use them over the dining room table. Either way these glass pendants will steal the show with a lighting spectacular. Use a vintage Edison light bulb or a silver dipped mercury bulb and set the mood for the show. Your guests will be amazed and may not make it past the front door or not care that you burned the main entree. Let them eat cake. So get some vintage industrial glass pendants and make it rain.

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Watch out

It’s raining

Vintage industrial glass pendants

Let it rain

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Vintage Aviator Leather Loveseat

October 27th, 2014

Prepare for landing and relax in this vintage aviator loveseat.

If airplane seating were only this comfortable I would be flying a lot more.

Made from soft leather with quilt stitching, this vintage loveseat is easy on the eyes and on the back too. But it’s built industrial strong with a metal frame and a patchwork of aluminum that’s held together with metal rivets. Just like the wing of an airplane, this loveseat is ready for takeoff. Reminiscent of World War II fighter planes, this loveseat will bring vintage style to your space. Use this leather loveseat in the man cave or in a contemporary living room. Either way, you will find it hard to not sit down and sit for a spell. So next time the pilot says prepare for landing, just think how nice it would be to travel in a vintage style aviator loveseat.

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Prepare for landing

In vintage style

With this aviator loveseat

Made with patchwork aluminum

And quilted leather

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Industrial Oak Wood Dining Table

October 25th, 2014

King of the jungle.

Lions patrol and protect their territory. And rightfully so, these two lions are protecting this beautiful oak dining table. Made from solid oak wood, this over sized dining table has a smooth white lacquer top that is perfect for entertaining. That is if you can get past the two lions. At twelve feet long, we call this table the lecture hall dining table because it’s that big. It may not fit an entire classroom of students but this industrial strength dining table can certainly fit family and friends during the holidays and special occasions. Fill this table with plenty of food for guests or just coffee for casual after dinner parties. Perfect for the formal dining room, this oak wood table can handle a large party and even two over sized male lions. So don’t be afraid to host a large dinner party. Just make sure you have a very large oak wood dining table.

Did you know that the average adult lion can weigh up to 500 pounds?

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Lions protect their territory

And this dining table too

Made from solid oak wood

With a white lacquer top

King of the jungle

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