Vintage Mercury Glass Pendant Light

March 30th, 2015

Swordfish is high in mercury and so is this vintage mercury glass pendant.

So don’t eat swordfish but you can hang this vintage glass light anywhere you like. Mercury glass, or sometimes referred to as silvered glass, is considered one of the first true forms of art glass. Glass that was made for decorative purposes and not just for function. The process of making mercury glass is simple. The glass is blown with two walls and a liquid silver solution is poured between the two layers of glass and then sealed. The result is a vintage finish that looks antique and when used in pendants like this one creates a cool lighting effect. Hang this pendant in a line over the bar counter in a commercial space. Or this light feels right at home over your kitchen sink, work island or even over the dining room table. Either way you use this glass pendant it will add vintage style to your space.

I’ll take my fish medium done please.

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Forget the fish

And hang a vintage pendant

Made with mercury glass

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Industrial Red Metal and Wood Chair

March 29th, 2015

Introducing the red wood chair. Not to be confused with the great Redwood Trees of Northern California.

Made with recycled wood from industrial palettes used to transport heavy goods, these wood chairs are now ready to take the load off for family, friends and patrons of your nearby favorite pub. These red chairs are built industrial strong just like their former wood palettes. Have you ever tried to tear apart a wood palette after delivery. Not easy. It’s the same construction with these wood chairs. Sanded smooth to the touch, this recycled wood has been attached to a sleek red metal frame to make it stand out from the crowd. And the more crowded the better because this wood chair can carry a heavy load. Perfect for commercial spaces, this red wood chair can handle the heaviest of patrons, the rowdiest of customers and the busiest families.

So try out a red wood chair and take a visit to Sequoia National Park. You’ll like them both.

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Let’s get this party started

With red wood chairs

Built industrial strong

With recycled wood palettes

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Vintage Industrial Pendant Lighting

March 27th, 2015

Unidentified flying object or vintage industrial lighting.

Inspired by vintage lighting from factories in the early 1900’s, these pendants breath new life into the Industrial Revolution. Men and women worked hard in those factories and they needed good lighting to produce their goods and transport them across the warehouse floors. Ceilings were built high and work spaces large, so these factories needed big lights to get the job done. These industrial lights are now ready to get your job done. Made from spun aluminum and crowned with solid brass, these pendants are big and built industrial strong. Hang one pendant or two over the kitchen island, dining table or bar counter to add vintage style to your space. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have plenty of light to work in the kitchen or eat dinner in the dining room.

So next time you shop for lighting, avoid UFO’s and shop vintage industrial lighting.

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It could be

O just vintage industrial lighting

Big lights

Big style

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